Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Sea of Pink, Doc McStuffins, Rainbow Colors and Flowers

   I know what a lot of you all are thinking. "What in the world?!" Yes, that is exactly what I thought when I walked past their room. My dad's auto response was, "You two need a whoopin'!" And in a way I REALLY did agree. But, something stopped me from fully unloading a can whoop on my girls. Did I tap their lil legs a bit? Yes. I had to let them know that, though they had been playing fairly peacefully, you cannot totally decimate your room like that. My friends that have seen this picture ask if I made them clean it up. The quick answer is "No!", but I should have.
   You see, I had cleaned up and organized the majority of it and left the rest to my ooh so helpful husband (insert major sarcasm). I hadn't realized how "good" of a job he had done until it was bath time and the girls needed pajamas. "Ava, go get a pair of underwear." Ava happily skipped to her closet. "Mommy! I don't have underwear!" Ava yells. I sigh, knowing she didn't LOOK for anything. I go to the closet to find a pink, Doc McStuffin, rainbow colored, flowery mess. UGH! I called my husband. "Hello." He answers. "Hey, bae. Ummm what's up with the random bins of clothes. I have like 4 shirt bins and 1 bin for pajamas and underwear. Everything is everywhere." I said as calmly as I could. But something stopped me from unloading a can of whoop on my poor, poor husband. He did his best. I bet he saw the same thing I saw with the unorganized bins; a sea of pink, Doc McStuffin, rainbow colors and a flowery mess. I bet that's all that he sees when I want him to fold their clothes, but he just never gets to it. Smart man. Well, until next time, don't leave your kids unattended, be kind and kindness will find you!

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