Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hey You! Yeah You! Halloween 2015 edition

Of course, we all know what this time of the year brings. Costumed madness, candy, parties, spooky tales from the grave. Halloween, when the freaks really do come out at night and throw any type of caution to the wind. I mean they throw it ALL away! So, this blog is dedicated to those who forget that there are people who have to watch in horror(not the fun, scary kind) as you parade in your "totally not thought out" costume.

Hey you! Yeah you! Thought this one was going to be a hit didn't you? Yeah I get it big dude going as an even bigger pitcher of Kool-Aid. Instead, you have probably scared anyone from ever drinking or even thinking about Kool-aid! Sir, I'm afraid for all of the wrong reasons! I get it, working with what ya got, but you sho got a lot! And I am truly frightened.
Hey you! Yeah you! White person dressed up in black face, NOOOO! I know, you wanted to get the full affect of the character, but ummmm, this ain't it! Unless you're ready for some actual racial discrimination or running from a group of angry black people, just don't.

Hey you! Yeah you! Poor fetus! He didn't ask for this costume! You would think your friend would have your back, but from the looks of her shirt, she probably thinks you had too many burritos. There are so many cute and creative ways to dress up that sexy, mama belly you don't have to (I can't find a tasteful adverb/verb to drop here).

This post was just for the fun of it. Ya'll know I'm all about fun, so have some this Halloween! Be tasteful about it, keep our babies safe when your out there, drink responsibly, and remember, be kind and the ghost of costumes past won't come for you!

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