Monday, September 21, 2015

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

   As I sit and look at my 15 yr old dog Chance, I realize how hard it is to say goodbye and let go. He's blind, his back legs don't work so well, and going outside to relieve himself is a distant memory. Yet, I selfishly hold on to the fact he can still get around, kinda, not really and he still eats. But, his quailty of life is poor at best and I know he isn't happy. So, I've decided that now is the time for me to say goodbye to my buddy of 15 yrs. This is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but to continue to watch him detiriorate is even harder. So, Chance, I love you and will forever. You are one of my oldest friends and my first baby. Prince Chance Williams (that's his full name) you were a good dog, most of the time and you taught me unconditional love.
   Yes, I know this is dramatic, but this showed me how much we hurt ourselves and others when we hold on to things that are no longer good. That relationship that you've been in for the past 5 yrs because you are afraid to be alone, yet it's not working for you or the other person. That job that you feel comfortable in but you haven't had any growth in the past 10 yrs. That grudge you've been holding against a friend or family member since forever and a day and you hadn't spoken in 15 yrs. Those habits, addictions, hurts and secrets that we have all at one time held on to have done nothing but hurt. No one  but you knows when it's time to finally let go, but chances are you'll be the last to realize or admit it.
   I was the last to realize that it was time for me to say goodbye to Chance. I was doing nothing but hurting him keeping him around for my own selfish reasons. I was hurting my memory of him young and full of life and mischief. Saying goodbye is final, but it doesn't mean that it's bad. When letting something go that is no longer healthy to have, it is a "good"bye. Until next time, be kind and kindness will most certainly find you!

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