Sunday, September 13, 2015

Can I pee?

   There are things that are givens about motherhood. Things like sleepless nights, leaky boobs and supremely unconditional love. These are the things I thought of when I saw myself as a new mom. Weeeheeeeelll, let me tell ya; that's just the tippy top of the iceberg!
   As a pro- breastfeeding mom, the first thing to go as my own were my perfect boobs. Second thing to go was my mealtimes. One arm eating isn't very practical nor is it comfortable at all. Now that my girls are older, it's mostly feeding them first only to have them scream at me and beg for my food. But, this last thing..... oooohhh, it's the last straw! My bathroom time! I have breastfed while having a tea party on the toilet! Now that Ava is tall enough to open doors and turn on lights, there is a lot of barging in. I shouldn't have to explain "red pee" to Ava, but I do. So, against safety I now lock the door.
   Moms give so much and share so much, we only ask one thing. Just one thing we can have only for ourselves. Can I pee??!!! Just 4 minutes of privacy please? I know, I know, I'm asking too much. But, for the sake of Mommy's sanity, I'm gonna pee and whatever else needs to be done by MYSELF! Now that I've relived myself of that, be kind and kindness will find you! Oh, don't forget wipe front to back!

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