Thursday, September 10, 2015

Growth Spurt

   In my last post I let you guys into my personal life. I revealed the frustrating situation I was going through with my employer. This post is the update. Yesterday I had a meeting with my company's general manager, my station manager and our HR person. Though I appreciate them meeting with me to address my concern, it was somewhat a waste of time. The reason why it wasn't a complete waste of time was the fact that something important  was realized to me. 
   I'm going to speak to my tall ladies here with big feet. I am 6'2" and I wear a size 12 shoe comfortably. Now, before I had children I could squeeze into an 11 and make it work. Not now! I sometimes have to get a 12 1/2! I had outgrown my already large size 12! That was something that was difficult for me to realize! Like I needed a moment with a piece of cake and some icecream to cope with the trauma. But just as I had grown out of the size shoe I was so confident and comfortable wearing; I have indeed outgrown my job. There is nothing left for me there. When they ask the question of "what else can you do?", they mean that. So, what is a smart, talented and intelligent woman as myself to do? The most daring, scary, yet simple answer is, "my own damn thing!". After working for someone else for 7 years I'm done. Seven years of helping someone else realize and attain their dreams. Feeling like a piece of machinery there to make sure the operation ran smoothly. Getting paid less because I was black. Getting paid even less because I was a woman. I'm tired of watching my colleagues cower in fear of being fired when they desire to speak out. I'm done with planning parties, anniversaries and get togethers based on rather I'm off or not or have vacation time. It's high time I do me. My own thing. Is it going to be easy? Probably not. But, if I can give my managers the figurative neck roll and not give two damns if I was fired, I can step out on faith.
   My letter of frustration was GOD talking directly to me. It was my fault that I hadn't listened in the past. I had become too complacent with my job and my bi-weekly paycheck. I was letting the gifts that were given to me go unused. So, now I'm at a place where I can no longer hide my light. It's time I let my light shine.
    In conclusion, I wasn't fired nor was I retaliated against in any way. I just had one of the most important epiphanies in my adult life. Now, it's time for me to follow through and continue to grow! Until next time, be kind and kindness will find you. 

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