Monday, September 7, 2015


What you are about to read is a true story. Names of the following companies have be removed in attempt to cover my ass not theirs!

Things that are asked of me                     Benefits that I receive

1) edit                                                        1) 4 hours of paid leave in a whole year
2) run cameras
3) floor direct
4) work 5 days weekly
5) work weekends
6) work holidays
7) come in on my off days just for "extra hours"

          For months now I have contemplated composing this letter. I would always talk myself out of it for fear of losing my job, or thinking that it wouldn't do any good. Well, I'm at the end of my rope. I can no longer continue to work like this without saying something; AGAIN.
I have in these past four and a half years expressed my desire to be full time. I was met with, "In due time", "It's being worked on", and my most favorite, "What else can you do?".  Now, as you look at the numbers above, I want you to think to yourself; "If it were me who had to work like this would I be okay with the situation?". I'm not one to put words in to one's mouth, but I'm pretty sure that it would be a resounding "NO!" Let's just step back and think on this. Out of an ENTIRE YEAR, I get to take FOUR HOURS off??!!! I mean, really? I'm not going to even ask the question "Is it fair", I want to know if you think this is right. I want to know if you, your spouse, child, third cousin were working under these conditions and you had the power to change it; would you. I'm more than sure that you would. But, why not do it for me? Why not remedy the situation for an employee who has done nothing more than be a team player. I used to be off on Saturdays. I gave that up for the extra hours that was promised to me. Now, I get less hours than I did then, only with NO weekends off. I'm tired yall. I really am. It's a really huge slap in my face when I come before my managers about my working conditions and all that is given back to me are blank stares, shrugged shoulders and "what else can you do?'. I don't want a "I'm sorry you feel that way." because I'm starting to believe that you really aren't. I know, I know, everything is a line on a spreadsheet. But, could you make not be so obvious. I'm a person, and I feel like you guys haven't been treating me a such. How do you expect for me to be productive at my job, happy with my job, and just a healthy person when I can't even get a week off? I am not a robot! I shouldn't have to pick between making money or making myself or my children well! I shouldn't have to wake up at 5 am, crying and wondering what the hell did I do to be in this situation. For the past 9 months you guys have been stretching us to our limits. We are all fatigued, exhausted and frustrated. We are all doing too many things in one job position. Everyone is working extra hard. Guess what? Everyone can look forward to vacation or take a sick day and clear their minds. Not me.
        If you hadn't realized, this job is very much stressful. Not just for the subject matter, but most importantly workflow. No one up front understands how things work in order for us in the back to get it done in a timely matter. No sources, nothing approved, blindly cutting the teases. Just a massive ball of confusion. But, news still hits air, so there really isn't a problem, right?
        This is my end of the rope. This my reaching out in hopes that you would really understand the stress and strain I have been under for the past 9 months. I want you to not only understand my grief and frustrations, but DO SOMETHING, please. And for the sake of all things Holy in the eyes of GOD, NO I DO NOT WANT TO BE A PHOTOG! I have worked too long and too hard for you guys to not remedy this situation for me. I have been nothing but a team player. Most good players get better deals, more money. Not continual demotion. You know just like I know can't nobody function on what yall have been expecting from me. And you wouldn't be happy or even remotely okay with these working situations if it were you working like I have. 
         I think managers should care about their employees, they should care if they are well or not. I think that if an employee has and valid and urgent concern that is should be addressed and corrected by her managers because I believe that's what managers do. Since June 1, 2011, I have done nothing but what is asked of me and more times than not more. What I'm asking for is work-life balance. I'm asking for compensation for a job well done over these past four years. I think it's only right. No one else may not say anything, but I will. Our moral is low, people are physically starting to break down, and there is an overall feeling of neglect. You guys have the power to change it, Not "Big Company who rapes its employees of their talents and resources". Because "Big Company who rapes its employees of their talents and resources" is a company. Companies are about making money. You guys are " Smaller less rapey company". We are supposed to be a family. Take care of us, please.

Ashleigh Branch

   I wrote this to my managers out of sheer frustration. At this point I really don't care about the outcome of this email, I just wanted them to know. And maybe I was wrong for the things that I put in this email, but I would really be wrong to gripe and complain to my husband or my coworkers and never said anything to my managers. I share this with you guys because if you are in a situation like mine; please say something. Don't let anyone, not your job, your spouse, not your kids, not anyone make you feel "less than". As, women we work so hard and most times get so little for it in return. Well, I showed my ass in this email, I hope it's not fired when I get to work today. If it is, oh well! Courage and bravery don't always come off as the smartest emotions, but they are necessary. Until we meet again, be kind and you won't have disgruntled workers. Just kidding! Be kind and kindness will most certainly find you!

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