Thursday, September 3, 2015

How I survived alone

   Picture this; you and your significant other leave for a two-day trip. You arrive. Turn around and your significant other is gone. Gasp! What do I do?! Okay, I'm just messing with you guys. But, I really was left at a hotel; to my own devices.
   After realizing that I was truly alone, my brain began to celebrate. No husband, no kids, no groceries to make, (we "make" groceries in New Orleans), no old dog to clean up after. Just............ me.
   After my massage, I went for food. Got a pizza, ate it all myself, made a mess, laughed about it. I watched some Jimmy Fallon and went fast asleep. When I  awoke the next morning, I remembered that I was ALONE. My mind did that celebration thing again. I got dressed and went for breakfast. Would you believe I ate with NO interference?! It was like every bite I took was like eating for the first time! Then I decided to walk on the beach. QUIET. Absolute peace. When I got back to my room,  I went to the bathroom. BY MYSELF!
   All of this was my husband's idea. He paid attention to me. He listened. Because he did that for me I am truly grateful. Being alone allowed me to THINK. I got a chance to pay attention to myself. I got a chance to breathe.
   This post isn't about rubbing my fun in any one's face, but a s PSA. If you feel yourself slipping into insanity, alone time may be something you need. Taking two days to laugh, eat, go to the bathroom, sleep and think by myself allowed me to pull myself back together. Being away from my babies allowed me to miss them. Being away from my husband gave me the time to truly appreciate what he is to me and my girls. Being away from my job made me want to stay away! Don't wait until you're on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Maybe every three months you step away from it all. Get back in touch with yourself so you can be a better and more patient wife, mom and friend. One last thing, be kind and kindness will find you!

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