Monday, September 8, 2014

That's just wrong!

As a "every now and then" blogger, I typically tend not to respond to breaking news stories. Today is the exception. Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens was let go by the team due to the response of the release of the video of him (Rice) hitting his then fiancee in FEBRUARY of this year. Now, before we all get the wrong idea of my stance on domestic violence; I believe that NO ONE should abuse ANYONE ELSE period. When the NFL handed down its initial decision, Rice was suspended for two games. I thought the punishment was sufficient simply because the wrong he did had nothing to do with football.
        This morning TMZ released video of the incident captured by elevator cameras. The video is just really hard to watch. It's just horrible to watch. My heart went out to his fiancee. Well, they have since married. That being said, the person to which the crime was committed has since forgiven and married the perpetrator. So, why can't Goodell, and the media outlets specifically ESPN also forgive?
        My disagreement is not with the decision to let Ray Rice go and terminate his contract,  but that it was done in response to what had been said in the media. He had already begun anger management and he was already suspended. He had begun the "I'm sorry" process. He didn't get a probationary period. He didn't even get a second chance.
         To Goodell; you and only you should make final and pressing decision such as this one. To ESPN; you've fulfilled your wish. To be subject of talk, television,  radio and social media. You did a terrible job covering this story with all of the opinion being pushed with almost no fact. As a journalist I am ashamed to be a former employee of ESPN. No, you didn't put your hands on anyone,  but you sealed the fate of a man trying to right his wrongs. To this I say, "that's just wrong!"
         Though, the subject matter of this particular blog isn't my usual light stuff; I will end like I usually do. Be kind and kindness will find you.

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