Thursday, November 21, 2013

A penny for my thoughts?! A late week ramble

                 There are times when I just feel like blah. Like I'm not sad or angry or emotionally in pain, just blah. I felt like that last night and chopped it up to being pregnant. But as I got my day started this morning I realized that it was a compilation of randomness that had been occurring on a more regular basis. For instance, I have a daughter who is soon to be two. The notion of "terrible twos" is real people! I never thought I would want to round house kick a baby, but she's taking me there! When Ava (Pookapie) was first born she melted everything within me, now she has constant meltdowns. Her teachers at her school say that it's because she's turning two and the coming of the new baby. They said that she can sense the baby and may start to feel as if she's being replaced. Well, the terrible twos thing made sense to me, but the latter didn't. I mean if I were her I would be the sweetest thing ever if I felt like I was being replaced. I would want my parents to chose me over whoever else it was. Like if the house caught fire they would save me first, then maybe they'd consider getting the other baby. That's just how I reason that.
                   Then there's the dog. He's old and going through some things, yet he manages to muster up enough strength to work my nerves. His health report from the vet was that of an ailing dog. He has arthiritis and muscle loss in his hindlegs, so my husband bought him a plush dog bed. Now, in my husband's defense he did say that the dog (Chance) would rip the bed up and leave fluff all around the house. Being the pregnant woman that I am, I heard nothing of it. So, as I began to pen this blog, he decided that to be the most opportune time to destroy the bed. Needless to say there is brown fluff all over the kitchen and living room and I'm going to leave it there.
                  Finally the city of New Orleans. For the past week, my neighbors and I have been scared witless due to loud explosion type noises. It's not just the noise, but the shaking of the houses. When we first heard and felt the boom I thought Jesus was coming back, then I realized I didn't hear any trumpets so I called the police. They promptly picked up the phone. I understood nothing the operator was saying through her hard New Orleans accent. If I could I would do what I call the Jaquita voice. Last night it happened again and scared the crap out of everybody. I called 911 and guess what happened? The phone just rang and rang! So glad I wasn't getting raped or shot! So, no one knows what the hell is going on! Then on my way to bringing my monster, I mean my Pookapie to school, the traffic was unusually heavy. "Hummm, I wonder what's going on?" I thought to myself. I turned on the radio to hear that the DODT thought it to be a good idea to fix lights on the Mississippi River Bridge during morning commute traffic. Really??!! I began to wonder if the mayor of Toronto had taken over duties here in the city because it seemed like everyone running it is on crack!
               Well, those were my thoughts. Had you asked me "a penny for your thoughts?" I'm sure by this point you'd be offering 100 dollars for me to take them back. Every once in a while my rambling thoughts get piled up in my head and room for common sense and everyday knowledge gets bumped out, so this is how I purge the randomness. I thank you for taking time out to read my blogs and I hope that they are informative and entertaining. Like I always say, be kind and kindness will always find you.

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