Monday, December 23, 2013

Not So Silent Night (Girl, stay in school!)

       Hello blogger friends and holiday greetings! Tis the season to by jolly, and sing songs to put everyone in the Christmas spirit. New Orleans has its own way of celebrating Christmas with all of the different types of music that we like to play. Music like zydeco, brass band and even bounce music. Yes, I've heard "This Christmas" on a bounce beat! But for the more cultured, classical music is one of the original forms of Christmas music. My best friend Ashley Watkins and my new best friend Olanna Goudeau of ACTEII both performed at Dillard University's 77th Annual  Christmas Concert. Needless to say they brought the house down. As I sat there in awe of their talent, something irked me. At first I didn't realize what it was, but as the program went on, it became all too clear.
         On a damp, foggy, dreary, winter night, my husband and I left the house in anticipation of the beautiful music we were going to hear. We pulled up to Dillard University and immediately saw that it was going to be a packed house. I was excited because I wanted my friends to have a good turnout and as we saw very little space to sit, that wish was granted.As we scanned the chapel for space for the both of us to sit, almost like a spotlight, it appeared; space for two and half to sit! As we took our hard, wooden seats, my pregnant butt immediately became uncomfortable. "All in the name of supporting my friends." I kept telling myself. As the lights dimmed and the music started, I felt like I was at a world renowned concert. Naturally most of the crowd became silent as to respect the performers. All the crowd, except for two that sat directly behind me and my husband.
        As "Fanfare for Christmas" began so did the random and loud conversations of the two ladies (term used loosely) behind us. Okay. I get it. They'd never been to anything of this sort, right? Then "Anthem of Praise", "Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty","And the Glory of the Lord." Finally, one of my friends' turn to sing. "Go Olanna!" I said in my head. "Rejoice Greatly" was the song she sang. And rejoice greatly I did!
Two songs after that my friend Ashley sang "Ave Maria". As soon as she opened her mouth to sing the first lines of the song, the two bumpkins behind us began to sing over her. What?!! Really??!! You mean you're going to try to sing over a full orchestra and a classically trained singer? Okay, I'm annoyed. You mean to tell me you've made it to college, but you don't have the scruples to respect the people around you and the people performing? I had become visibly upset. My husband felt I shouldn't be upset simply because those girls sitting behind us were, well, simple. Four more songs of beautiful instrumentation and singing and the peanut gallery, the came the song "What I Think About." In the program it says that the song was composed and accompanied by a soloist. So as the performer began to sing and play the piano, one of girls exclaims, "Ooh, she playing and singing at the same time!" The other girl says, "I thought she wrote the song?" In that instance I was no longer upset. They really were clueless. I wanted so badly to turn around in the most condescending voice I could muster up and say, "composed means she wrote it, accompanied means she's going to play the piano and she's a soloist so that means she's going to sing.
      As the concert drew to a close and the audience began to leave, I was so tempted to turn around to those girls and say, "You guys attend school here?" One of them or the both of them would answer back yes. I would then say, "Girl, stay in school!"
      Well, I know that this wasn't my nicest blog I've written, but I do leave you with this. Christmas is a time of the year to enjoy the food, friends and family you may or may not get to enjoy during the rest of the year. It's also a time to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Hence Christmas. So during this season, be kind, generous and loving and all of those things will find its way to you. Be Blessed and Merry Christmas!!

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