Wednesday, October 23, 2013

survival mechanisms

               There are things in this world that make you think "Why does that happen?" or "What is it all for?" Well, since I'm within the throws of my second pregnancy I began asking myself the same questions.
               For a lot of women the beginning of pregnancy is the roughest. Of course, you're excited, but man is it tough. And as mild as my symptoms were, they still caused a great deal of discomfort for me and a lack of sex for my husband. One symptom in particular that seems to be very common among women who are expecting is "morning sickness." Let me be the first to tell you that it is not only in the morning that you have the uncontrollable urge to heave out your inner being, it's ALL DAMN DAY! This got me thinking; "why does God allow us to go through such a horrible thing only to have to go through more aches and sicknesses throughout the rest of the pregnancy?" Well, the answer came to me as I was rubbing my aching varicose veins. God has given us preggos survival mechanisms; crazy, right! Yes, all of your aches, pains and discomforts are all things that help you to survive this world in your most venerable state. God put morning sickness in place at the beginning of the pregnancy because he knew that we were going to eat our weight and our partner's weight in whatever it was we were going to crave. So, when you are praying to the porcelain gods just remember you're losing weight now so that you eat what you want and not get really fat later!
                  Another symptom that may also be common is a more heightened sense of smell. I know this was really hard for me because I already have a baby and those #2 diapers started hitting pretty hard. But, instead of getting grumpy about the fact you can smell the dirt underneath your house, remember it's all to protect you. God gave us the smell sensitivity because, well we're not as quick as we used to be. Think about it; you're in a crowded place like the mall and something is on fire, you are the first to smell it, you leave. Everyone else smells the fire 10 minuets after you did and now they are all running for their lives. If you hadn't smelled the smoke when you did you would be running for your life with a huge belly!
                   And the last survival mechanism is well, fat. Yes, that dreaded word, fat. God put more cushion for the pushing because as our pregnancies progressed so did our clumsiness. Now, not every women is this lucky to get the cushion, they are more prone to injury. Let's say for instance, your belly, like mine is so huge you can't see things that are on the floor. You trip and fall backwards. Guess what is on your side, butt, hips and thighs? Your friend, fat! That's right! You and your unborn child are kept safe from falls because of it.
                  I would like to conclude this by saying in no way am I a doctor of any kind. I just thought I would make light of all the things us pregnant women endure on an everyday basis for 10 months. I thought maybe if I think about the morning sickness, the mood swings, the weight gain and all of the other crazy changes that we go through in a different way that it all may be a bit easier to go through. So when you start to smell the clouds in the sky and can't keep down water, remember it's a survival mechanism and it's only temporary. Until next time remember to be kind and kindness will find you. 

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