Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hey You! Yeah You! Halloween Edition

             It's that time of the year when the air gets crisper and everything is made of pumpkin. It's fall. One of the most anticipated days of fall is Halloween. Now, I'll be the Debbie Downer and say that it's not up there as one of my most favorite things to celebrate. What I do like is to see the little kids get dressed up and look super adorable, that's the fun part of Halloween to me. But, living in these days and times Halloween has developed some devilish downsides. I would like to start a bit serious on this particular blog. Halloween is one of those days when people let their guards down and may not be as aware as they usually are. Please, everyone be safe, watch out for our children and use designated drivers when needed.
             Alrighty, now that I've got all the propers out of the way, this is Hey You! Yeah You! Halloween edition. Hey you! Yeah you! Person with the costume that's scaring everyone for all the wrong reasons. Oh, you thought you were so sexy dressed as the naughty teacher. Instead, you've made all the people at the party wish to go back to school, only to drop out and avoid anything that resembles a school building. Hey you! Yeah you! Guy that wears the same costume every year and neglects to wash said costume. You come dressed up as Freddie ‎Krueger but the stench of you is much scarier. Hey you! Yeah you! Lady that decided it was a good idea to pass out letters to children you felt were over weight or obese. You have some nerve! Your childhood must have been really sucky for you to think that a child would be okay with something like that. Let's all work hard to give our children self image issues and low self-esteem. If I'm taking my child out for candy, chances are they won't get half of it because I'll eat it myself. So, if you want to give a letter to anyone, give it to me! I guess her costume would be the witch who stole Halloween.
 Well, folks, I won't be among the many out celebrating tonight. I'm having a bad pregnant lady day. But do feel free to enjoy this fun day for you and myself. Take time out to put your kids in really embarrassing costumes for future blackmail. Eat as much candy as your system can handle, scare as many people as you can and please have safe fun. Like always, be kind and kindness will surely find you.

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