Thursday, September 15, 2016

Perfectly Imperfect

 Motherhood, the final frontier. It is the most scrutinize, misunderstood, frightening, and the most beautiful thing in this whole wide world. This particular picture represents what goes on in my mind. I would change the one that says "What my mother thinks I do" to me looking completely disheveled and overwhelmed. I would also change the one that says "What my husband thinks I do" because he knows better; well at least he should! Do you see all of these boxes: little nooks that the world likes to put different moms in? Here's the thing...... you don't have to fit into ANY  of these boxes! Crazy, I know! But, none of these boxes actually fit me; well, except the one with the mom holding the gun. Yeah! Cuz I'm gaaansta! The fact that I wrote "gaaansta"  should further let you know that I'm not really gaaansta. Whether you think you're gansta or not, you're a mother. If you give it your darnedest to be the best mom you can be, then you're perfect. You are perfectly imperfect. And that's okay. Being perfectly imperfect means you spent the whole week teaching your two year old to cover her mouth when she coughs only to get whatever germ your little outbreak monkey was carrying. Now you need some extra help with the other children because you're sick. Perfectly imperfect means letting your newborn cry while you step outside so you can cry because you're sleep deprived, your vajayjay hurts and people still think you're pregnant. Being perfectly imperfect means you mistakenly made your four year old drink spoiled milk because you thought she just wanted to pour it out and waste more food so you had to teach the "waste not want not" philosophy. Then when you ask "what's wrong with the milk?" and she tells you it's making her stomach hurt. You taste it and realize it's bad. Then you feel like a jerk and apologize. What made you a perfect mommy what that you apologized. Being a  good mom doesn't mean you're going to be right all of the time, or your good intentions won't end up bad. It just means you are going to do the best job you can without your kids needing serious therapy as adults. Note, I said serious therapy because my kids have me for a mom; they're going to need therapy by default. Being perfectly imperfect mom is teaching your children to understand others' imperfections, to be good and kind human beings. Because when you're kind, kindness with find you!

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