Thursday, March 31, 2016

Black and White

   Today as I was scrolling Facebook, I came across an article called "Black Privilege". My initial reaction just to the title was, "you can't be serious!" There are people, usually older whites that actually believe this new movement of racial consciousness is black people's privilege. Now, as an educated, product of a two parent household, never went hungry or without basic necessities, I guess one could say I am privileged. But, it goes deeper than that. 
   Take a look at these images. What do you see? This is what comes up when you type in "black teens" in Google images. Do these kids look like they are have a good time in life? Or, does it seem that all of the negative stereotypes of black people are being perpetuated in just a few images? If I didn't know any better I would think that Black Lives really don't matter just based off these pictures. I mean, young men depicted in mug shots, young high school girls all posing showing off their pregnant bellies. "Blacks don't value themselves, why should we care about how they are treated?" And yes, there is SOME truth in stereotypes. Like "black people are lazy and all they do is steal and kill people." I work in news and I have seen black people do all of thee above. I've also seen whites do the same. But white men shooting up movie theaters and churches isn't something that's highlighted because that's who controls mainstream media. Let's highlight the goodness of people of color. What about Pres. Obama and his family? Why aren't any of their pictures up here? Sasha, Malea, my cousins Jazmine and Alana who are honors students in college, you don't see these images.

  Now, look at these pictures. What do you see here? You see smiling, happy, friendly, white kids. Don't they look wholesome? This is what comes up when you type in "white teens" in Google. Even in this Google search there are still negative images of black kids. So, what does this say to America, to the world? Black is wrong. White is right. That within itself is the definition of white privilege. Black people can't even get a fair shake when it comes to Google! And mind you, these pictures have been changed since someone pointed it out on Facebook.
   Pointing out the blatant wrongs that the mainstream media, society and even our educational system perpetuates about black,brown,yellow and red people does not create division. If your house was a total mess and someone pointed it out to you, you wouldn't say that person created that mess. You would own up to it and more than likely ask that person to help you clean the mess. Seems logical doesn't it? Then why is it when people who have been disadvantaged by systemic racism, aka "white privilege" point it out they are either ignored, attacked or ran away from? Racism is as blatant as lynching, slavery or segregation. It's as subliminal as a Google search, mainstream television, the Oscars, a security guard following you around a clothing store, the preschool to prison pipeline, a young black kid being shot in cold blood for a toy gun. I always say at the end of my blogs, "be kind and kindness will find you.". I wonder if anyone really understands what that means anymore, Maybe I should instead say, "be compassionate and understanding of others struggles, maybe one day the discussion of race would be as insignificant as what one had for dinner the night before." Peace, equality, togetherness, a fair shot at life are all things that most people want. It is only when people of color wanting the same thing that brings about divisiveness, fear and exclusion. We (people of color) only want to advance ourselves, not oppress anyone else. Let's be good to one another. Let's love one another and maybe our children may have a better and brighter future ahead.

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