Wednesday, September 30, 2015


   I just woke up from a hour and a half "nap". Which means, I was tired. Still am, as a matter of fact. There are 2000 other things I could have done, but that nap was necessary. The problem with this "nap" is, I kinda feel guilty about it. But, why? Maybe it doesn't fit the "woman's work is never done" model. Or, maybe it's because my husband asked me to pick our oldest up from school and I pushed that off on him. Wait a minute! I shouldn't feel guilty for jack! I don't get awards and trophies for running myself ragged. There are no all expenses paid vacations for doing the work of 5 everyday of the week. Getting paid vacation at my job would be nice, but I've been over that already. Plus, when I get sick, who takes care of the caregiver? Jesus!  That's who! When daddys and babies get sick they have Sunshine (that's my husband's pet name for me) and mommy to soothe away all the aches, pains and sniffles. When I get sick I can count on one of my kids to bang on my door and scream "MOMMY" to the top of their lungs. The other kid would just keep coming in the room countless times to tell me she has to go to Walmart or Walgreens for random items like macaroni and ribbons. Nope, there are no sick days for mommies or daddys, so nap I shall. From here on out I nap without abandon! I nap like there is no tomorrow! I nap for the safety and sanity of myself and those around me! I WILL NAP! Until next time, take a nap. It'll make it easier to be kinder so kindness can find you. I'm going back to sleep!

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