Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Full Moon and Family

   Christmas 2015 is gonna be extra crazy! Why? Because there is going to be a full moon. As if the drunk uncle, and slutty cousin wasn't enough; let's add a full moon! It's like putting out a grease fire with gasoline. I have even started to feel the effects of this coming moon. Family members already moody and "hum buggish". People getting mad that they were asked to bring paper products, spouses saying they won't go to their in-laws, and children refusing to perform at the Christmas play. Yes, it's already in full effect. So, how does one make it through the holidays without the cops having to be called?(black people this should be our last resort)
   First, let's remember why it is we celebrate Christmas. The birth of well, Christ. If we remember why He was born and how he died for us, that just may ease some tentions. Secondly, it's family. You already know that one family member that never brings tact with them. They always seem to notice how fat you are or how badly your hair looks. Ignore them! Chances are they are trying to find something good within themselves. Thirdly, keep the peace for the churin. (That's children in New Orleans speak) Unlike you, children find magic and wonder in Christmas. And the last thing they need to further degrade their innocence is for you to wildly resolve your issues that you've had for the past 20 or so years. And lastly, the food! I'm not trying to break up fights or console people whilst I'm face deep in a bowl of gumbo! We are all going by my mama's  house for Christmas. The only thing y'all need to bring is your Chris Cringle gift, some Soul Christmas music, your appetite and kindness. Because as you well know by now, be kind and kindness will find you. Merry Christmas all!

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