Thursday, April 17, 2014

All the Things I wanted, the One Thing I got

       This is Aubrey Elizabeth's birth story. You know, there are things in this world that we as people desire so deeply; rather it's something good or not so good.
         When we found out we were having a second child, I was determined to do everything differently. With our first we found out the sex and I gave birth via c-section. The section wasn't planned nor was it wanted, but it was something needed to keep myself and my baby safe. I had developed preeclampsia,  my blood pressure was so high that it started to effect Ava. So, with all of that; an emergency c-section was performed. Oh, but this pregnancy was going to be awesomely different.
          My whole pregnancy was great. We didn't know the sex of the baby; we REALLY wanted a boy, my health was great and so was the baby. There was just one problem. The baby was measuring 2 to 3 weeks ahead of gestation. Ok, so the 6'2",200lb lady was having a big baby; that's a surprise! I decided to take my maternity leave three weeks before my actual due date because I had my first early. As time went on and the days on the calendar passed, the baby got bigger and bigger and I was STILL pregnant. My due date was March 24th and as I waddled my way into the doctor's office on the 25th I knew the doctor was going to be able to help me go into labor. "I'm sorry, I can't feel anything." The doctor's arm was ALL THE WAY to my tonsils. "What do you mean you can't feel anything?" The baby had been vertex (head down) the whole last trimester, now it was transverse ( laying horizontal across my belly). Are you serious?! The doctor scheduled me for a c-section for that Friday. "I'm concerned about the position of the baby and shoulder dystotia. I think a c-section would be best." I was so disappointed.  I had done everything in my power to have a vaginal birth. I had lost.  I was defeated. Or was I? I went onto New Orleans Expecting Moms Club on Facebook. I wanted to see if there was a way to turn this baby. Of course I got a lot of great suggestions. The next day I met with Brittany Badon, who awesomely got this baby to turn! I went to her that Wednesday and Thursday.  That Thursday I called my doctor and said the baby had turned and I didn't need that stupid c-section! So my doctor had me come in that day, did an ultrasound to confirm my findings and stripped my membranes. Trust me when I say, no one will know you more than your doctor who strips your membranes. I immediately went into labor. Friday I got up, in early stages of labor, ran a whole bunch of errands, lost my mucus plug during the errand run, came home and cooked two meals. As the day went on my contractions got stronger and stronger. I was watching the evening news, between the 4:28 commercial break and the news my contractions went from uncomfortable to kinda bad. Around 7pm I started my breathing. 9pm, I thought it was time to go to the hospital. My husband had dropped Ava off by a relative and was outside waiting for me. He came in as asked was I ready to leave. As I stood up, I felt the overwhelming need to pee.  I ran to the kitchen and my water broke! Off to the hospital at breakneck speed! We get there, I'm ready to take all my clothes off and birth this baby! I get to my room,they check me. I'm a whopping ONE centimeter dilated! They said they would come back to check in an hour or so. After the second time they checked me with no progress I got an epidural. I also told them to leave me alone so I could sleep. They listened!  After laboring for 12 hours with no progress, I had developed a fever,  an infection and the baby's heart rate wasn't doing well; I had to make the decision I didn't want but needed to make. I needed a c-section. After being prepped and my husband joined me, the surgery went on. After what felt like 15 minutes or so an 11.8 lb, 22 inch baby girl was pulled out of me. The baby wouldn't go down far enough for me to dilate.  She wasn't coming out of the front door so they made an opening. I didn't want a c-section but I needed one to get my beautiful baby girl. I feel no regret or grieve for the lost of a birth I wanted. I got what I needed a healthy baby.

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