Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Is that what boobs are for?!?!

You know, I've see a lot about women and breastfeeding in media in the last few years. Most of what I've read and seen has not been very positive or encouraging. And, now that I'm pregnant once again, I feel very strongly about the rights and understanding of breastfeeding and the women that do it. Now, that I've said all of that, I would like to begin by saying, these breast were made for feeding a baby. Yep, that's right, God put boobs on women so that we could feed the big headed children that we have for you men. Do you remember learning in elementary school that though we are humans, we are also called mammals. Why are we called mammals? So glad you asked! We are called mammals because we feed our young with milk that comes from mammary glands. Wow! I know this may be news to a lot of people, but the more you know the more you grow.
            One of the biggest things that simply grinds my gears is that bear breasted women are okay, and a breastfeeding women aren't. So, I've come to the conclusion that it's not so much the woman that's breastfeeding, but it's not supposed to be sexy. I think for men, if they see a woman breastfeeding and find themselves aroused in anyway, they may feel guilty or as if they were some sort of pervert. Now, while I'm approaching uncomfortable status for most of you, I would like to say that this is merely my opinion. So, instead of men coming out and saying, "ya know, I kinda feel weird seeing a woman feeding her kid in public." Which, would then make the problem of public breastfeeding the man's problem. Men and society makes it the woman's problem. I'm sure if you took that same woman and put her in a Robin Thicke video topless and put that same man in said video, that would be just fine. Anyone see the ass-backwardness of this whole scenario? I know some of you are saying, "it's not that bad if you're covered." Yeah, have you tried to eat, read or take care of another child while trying to hold up a covering and feed all at the same time. It's just not that simple! Of course you know I have examples. One day while I was out to eat with friends, my baby had to be fed. I realized we were in an eating establishment, so I covered. As I got my baby to settle I realized there was a man staring at me! Uh, hello! Can I feed my baby? It's not like you can see anything! So, you know what I did? I took the cover off and politely asked him would he like some. Yep, I sure did!
           Now, I don't recommend that anyone of you breastfeeding moms out there to do what I did, but I do want you to stand up for yourself. If society can't decipher between something that necessary and something that sexual, that further shows me the misplaced values that we've come to accept. So, if you see a breastfeeding women in public, don't stare,scoff or discourage her. Keep it moving. It's not hurting you or anyone else. And as I always say, we have to support one another. Remember be kind and kindness will find you. Until next week, hopefully.


  1. So very true!!! I love this post!!!

  2. I breastfed Kailah, and didn't cover, I could care less what a person thought or how they felt for some of the same reasons you mentioned. I believe that because of this stigma that society has placed on women and breastfeeding people see it as something unnatural. The best thing to do is teach people, regardless if they want to be taught or not, give em a quick lesson and move forward lol.

    Great read!